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There are various indicators that are very useful to traders in making trading decisions, and the Advance/Decline Ratio indicator is one of them. The application of an indicator is very critical as there is informed guidance on the best moves to be made in the market by a trader. The advance-decline ratio (ADR) indicator is a popular technical indicator that compares the number of stocks closed higher against the number of stocks that closed lower.

When calculating the advance-decline ratio, you divide the value of advancing stocks against the value of the declining stocks. To smoothen the indicator, a moving average is added to the mix essentially to help in streamlining its direction. Check out the trading views community for great ideas.

Features of the Advance/Decline Ratio indicator

  • Focuses on advancing versus declining stocks.
  • It can be used for a varying period, i.e one-day period, one month, or one year.
  • Uses the previous day closing prices
  • Useful to the trade in discovering a bullish or bearish trend.

Calculation of the Advance/Decline Ratio indicator

In the calculation of the indicator, the following formula applies:

Advance-Decline Ratio = advancing stocks / declining stocks

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How the Advance/Decline Ratio (ADR) Works

With the indicator, traders can get an overview of the market situation by comparing the moving averages of the indicator to that of various market indexes and understand how the minority of companies is driving overall market performance.

When such a comparison is in place, traders will accrue a wider perspective on the reasons for an apparent rally or sell-off. If a small ADR value is recorded, it may suggest an oversold market with a high one indicating an oversold one. This is a clear demonstration of how the indicator gives directions to changes in the market.

The directional changes are instrumental in determining success in a market and the advance-decline ratio provides an effective insight into this. The signals directed by the indicator help traders to detect potential trends or the reversal of an existing trend. (See upcoming news events on Tradingview).

Application of Advance/Decline Ratio indicator

When applying every indicator, every trader needs to be sure of how effective each is and how to apply them for success. The Advance/Decline Ratio is instrumental in determining potential trends, existing trends, and the reversal of such trends.

When used on a standalone scenario, the indicator helps in revealing whether the market is overbought or oversold. If a trader can pay key attention to the indicator’s trend, it is possible to detect whether the market is in a bullish or bearish trend. For more insight about trading, please subscribe to and join the conversation with other traders.