Volty Expan Close Strategy Indicator | Indicator Series

Volty Expan indicator obtains the market context through a pair of different parameters to help traders decide. 

The market volatility indicator examines an asset for sudden price surges, breakout, or breakdown action and creates a channel from a symbol’s True Range by multiplying a factor with the last X bars. You can change the multiplying factor and the last X bars in the indicator’s settings. 

Based on the price changes, the indicator can move long or short. 

Volty Expan creates a long order when the current bar’s price exceeds the previous bar’s upper band and opens a short when it’s lower than the lower band. The channel displays results after gathering closing price data from adding or subtracting the resulting values. 

Volty Expan’s main attraction is its valuable features and accessibility. 

Basic Tips for Using Volty Expan 

  • Entering long positions: the indicator creates a blue arrow under the price candle when the price approaches an uptrend’s finish line. A significant buy pressure will show a positive VltClsLE value. When that happens, open a buy position, but stay close to the support levels. 
  • Entering short positions: Volty Expan helps determine the potential sell positions when marked on the target asset charts. The indicator creates a red arrow over the swing point. Open the sell position only when the price is close to the resistance level. 
  • Determining sideways: Expert investors will need to detect sideways price movement to catch swing trades. Volty Expan strategy will detect sideways by indicating frequent red and blue arrows over and under the price candles. It is always best to avoid the sideways trade and wait for a breakout to make the most profit. 

Volty Expan is a potent trading strategy indicator that can help achieve profitable trading. Just make sure you don’t stake more than you can afford. Please subscribe to tradingview.com and join the conversation with other traders.