Bollinger Bands Strategy Directed Indicator | Indicator Series

Indicators are financial tools used to help traders make decisions in trading, whether new to the game or looking for a more advanced approach.

What is Bollinger Bands Strategy Directed Indicator?

The Bollinger Bands Strategy Directed Indicator is an indicator that uses Bollinger bands to assess the strength of a trend and execute an action, whether it is buying or selling. The indicator can help predict the direction of price action and how much room it is for price action to move before it becomes overbought or oversold.

Bollinger Bands Strategy Directed Indicator Settings

The settings available for this indicator are as follows:

1) Time Frame: Daily, Weekly, Monthly, and Yearly

2) Period Type: Simple Moving Average (SMA), Exponential Moving Average (EMA), Weighted SMA, Period Oscillator, and Random Walk Oscillator (RWO).

3) Trend Momentum Factor: 0 to +100 Relative Strength Index (RSI), 0 to -100 Relative Strength Index (RSI).

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How does Bollinger Bands Strategy Directed Indicator Work?

The indicator is used to identify overbought and oversold conditions in the market.

When the price of an asset falls below a certain level, it will trigger an alert to enter a trade. The indicator will then calculate your entry point based on the current price and the first two moving averages. You can go ahead and try out the Tradingview indicators and find out more. 

If traders wish to limit their risk when trading with this strategy, they can set stop-loss order.Pros and Cons of using Bollinger Bands Strategy Directed Indicator


Very easy to use; no need to understand technical analysis or math required

Provides quick insight; into whether you should place orders in your portfolio based on what’s happening with different stocks around you right now

It can help you find opportunities; where others may have missed them.

Provide extra information; about how far prices can move before they change direction. This allows traders to enter trades at different points in price movement away from the current price level without relying on other technical indicators like moving averages, MACD lines, or histograms.


The disadvantage of using Bollinger bands strategy directed indicator is that it can be fooled by noise from other factors that have nothing to do with actual trading activity (such as news or speculation). This can make it difficult to distinguish between actual trends and random swings, which could lead to losses during periods when no real change is happening. 

Useful tips to consider when using Bollinger bands in trading

 Squeeze strategy is used by traders to limit the risk they take when they trade. It works by looking at historical volatility and setting a range for the future price movements of an asset.

Use them with caution. Your goal should be to predict when the market will change direction but not get too excited about those predictions until they happen.

You can use it to identify support and resistance levels for asset classes such as stocks, commodities, or indices like SP500 and NASDAQ 100, among others.

A rule of thumb suggests that if prices are below their mid-range, they are likely to drop further and vice versa.

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