AS businesses transform and expand, the ability to scale up becomes a necessity. For instance, to add new employees, the company would be required to adopt a system allowing for the need for additional lines. This may be harder to accomplish with traditional telephony systems for many reasons. Thus, most enterprises opt for the cloud-based PBX (Private Branch Exchange) systems for streamlined communication. So what are the benefits of adopting the system?

Benefits of cloud-based PBX to organizations

Companies that adopt the system benefit in many ways. Here are some:


Helps the company save money

With the enhanced phone system, you are spared from expenses such as labor and the cost of physical hardware and wires.


A reliable location-independent system

Any compatible device can access your servers provided they have internet connectivity. Therefore, employees can participate in BYOD or ‘bring your own device’ to manage their business calls. This boosts their productivity as they can manage their communication whether at home or on the go.


No capital outlay necessary

A cloud-based business grade PBX lets you set up, manage, and control the users without the need for capital or investment in expert IT support.


Fast and efficient registration of international numbers

The system makes both international and local business number service to be more flexible. As a result, it will only take you seconds to register international numbers.


Efficient global communication

Cloud-based PBX solutions help organizations connect several offices in different parts of the world to a particular ‘local’ telephony system.


Best call rates and quality

Not only will you part with lower rates for outgoing calls, but you also enjoy calls with premium quality.


Amazing telephony features

The system includes all the essential elements of a functioning corporate telephony system. These include queues, call recordings, IVR, conference calls, hunt groups, and much more. 


Simple installation

Using this system will help you minimize the hardware necessary for a functional system. Therefore, it is easy to install, and within a few hours, the telephony solution should be operational.


Automatic updates on features and functionality

As opposed to the old days where updates were a nightmare, the revolutionary cloud-based systems come with off-site automatic updates for security and other functions.

There is no reason why you should waste time and put up with the expenses that come with the traditional PBX. Install a cloud-based system today and enjoy great reliability, additional efficiency features, and easy scalability.

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