Microsoft Azure provides a public cloud computing platform. When it comes to requiring cloud services for your business, DGM Tech Solutions Limited can help you to set these up. You’re able to run more online, eliminating the dependency on a hard drive and other physical equipment that’s located at one physical place, which can also lead to high upfront costs.


Why use the cloud?

Perhaps the biggest reason to use cloud services is because of the unique model that it offers. You only pay for the services that you need, allowing you to avoid high equipment and software costs.

You also need to have versatility in the workplace, including being able to access data and programs from anywhere. As long as you have an internet connection, you can benefit from cloud services. IT infrastructures have been dramatically transformed for businesses and individuals because of being able to access data when and where it’s convenient.

We’re taking advantage of the fact that Microsoft Azure is expanding their services nearly daily, allowing you to develop and scale a variety of new applications while running existing applications inside of the cloud. You can use these to handle operations within your business while also passing on the features to your own clients.


Utilize More Online

IaaS, PaaS and SaaS are all possibilities when you implement Microsoft Azure. Suddenly, you can do more from any computer. Hardware, software, and even a complete infrastructure is not needed on a device because it’s all being implemented through the cloud. .

IaaS, short for ‘Infrastructure as a Service’ - provides you with an instant computing infrastructure, replacing the need to buy hardware and rather attain compute and storage resources via a subscription based model. SaaS, which is short for ‘Software as a Service’ – removes not only the overhead of maintaining the hardware needed to run your software (as in IaaS), but also the admin overhead required to maintain the actual software. PaaS, which is short for ‘Platform as a Service’ – is similar to SaaS but different in that it delivers an added level of ‘backend’ capabilities to the software that matters to your business.

Contact us at DGM Tech Solutions Limited to learn more about how to incorporate Microsoft Azure into your IT infrastructure. You could be enjoying more cloud services by the end of the week.

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