Successful brokerage begins with having a high performing reliable platform offered to your customers. At DGM Tech Solutions, we help you to configure, implement, and manage tasks that are related to your Trading Systems ecosystem, including MetaTrader 4 and 5 servers. We have the required expertise for brokers to reliably outsource the tasks associated with this much needed role.

Here are some benefits of outsourcing our services:


Skills and Experience

The correct implementation of the MetaTrader Server infrastructure from experienced MT Administrators ensures an optimized Trading Systems environment your customers can rely on. Expertise is an essential asset, and that is why it would be advisable to outsource this service. IT firms such as DGM Tech Solutions are excellent at managing MetaTrader Server platforms on behalf of their clients.



Outsourcing MetaTrader Server maintenance and support saves on money and time. Rather than hiring a full-time employee with the relevant skillset, we offer our services on a monthly retainer estimated at the total hours needed to do maintenance of the infrastructure for the entire month. When choosing an outsourcing company, select one that will give all the essential services needed as one package.



Trading systems are complex and used by various stakeholders within the company. Questions are inevitable and having at least the go-to source of technical information and advice regarding your Trading Systems – we have your back.


Comprehensive Services

Outsourcing trading platform services delivers an all-around package that entails configuring, implementation, and general management of the system. Clients do not have to hire a new maintenance crew because DGM Tech will perform beyond expectations.



The first quality of any outsourcing company is reliability. Such companies and services ought to trust that both will cooperate with each other for the successful rendering of services. Management services for MetaTrader Server platforms are a principle in effectively running the system. Contact DGM Tech Solutions for the best service.

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