Microsoft Office 365 offers a diverse array of solutions for your business, thus enabling you to build a functional workplace. The tool is custom-made to accommodate today’s business environment needs, thereby assisting your business to increase the levels of productivity significantly.  In so doing, it not only enables you to communicate virtually but also to collaborate with both the clients and your personnel.

It assembles a myriad of Microsoft tools that aim at providing a convenient and cost-effective platform — as a result, significantly easing the process of your retail financial services migrating to the cloud.


Microsoft Email Solutions Intelligent Security

In the financial services industry, email security plays a significant role in the selection of a cloud platform. For that reason, Microsoft 365 packs a 128-bit SSL/TSL encryption. Subsequently, no unauthorized party can read Office 365 emails. What’s more, Microsoft unceasingly monitors the system for any suspicious activities.

Apart from, availing a management mechanism (incident protocol) for dealing with any threat present, Office 365 features an intelligent security control system that deals with threat incidents. Hence, safeguarding data integrity.

Equally, access management can help your business save on costs implications arising from data theft.


Microsoft SharePoint Online – Portal Collaboration

If you’re looking for better collaboration experiences between your business and its clientele, SharePoint Online makes it possible. As such, your staff can interact on projects, exchange documents, and organize information. What does this mean for your firm? Ultimately, because it runs in the cloud, you stand to make savings on expenditures. Further, you wouldn’t need to set up separate infrastructure and servers.


Mark of Reliability

Have you ever had a problem with downtime? Well, Microsoft office 365 offers a service level agreement (SLA) of 99.9% scheduled up-time. With the tool availing additional data backup centers, that affords your business increased productivity. Equally, the data centers can switch customers hosted by one data center across each other with minimal interruption.

As a one-stop solution, Microsoft 365 covers a multitude of your business’s concerns. Subsequently, this makes it an ideal choice for your enterprise when you’re looking to increase efficiency and profitability.

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