CRM Customised for Brokerage Institutions

Includes Cabinet – Front end including Wallet, Multiple PSP integration, Multiple Trading Systems integration, Back Office, Lead Management, IB Management, Affiliate Marketing and more.  Our solution tackles the most common challenges that firms  in the industry confront, contact us to find out more.

Cloud Based Technologies

DGM Tech Solutions is a Microsoft Partner, with the relevant skills and expertise needed to setup your Cloud based solutions.  Be it a VM on Azure, Office 365 Administration or any other PaaS, SaaS or IaaS solution – we have you covered.

Telephony (Cloud Based VoIP PBX Systems)

In need of a telephony solution that caters for all your needs?  We can help.

Implementation and maintenance of your Cloud based VoIP PBX solution can be fully managed, with delivery of the below possible features:

  • Dynamic IVR (Interactive Voice Response), based on language, time of call and availability of department personnel.
  • Dynamic DID, presenting your relevant office number to the person in the Country called.
  • Call recordings required by CySEC regulations
  • Conference call features
  • Queues and Hunt groups with different sequence options