Do you maintain a robust trading infrastructure to support your clients’ trading activity? If so, your infrastructure is a key component of your value to clients, and you need a solution that can help you keep your systems running optimally and at-pace with your competitors. Don’t let hardware or software failures interrupt your critical workflows and client relationships — utilize a smart, sophisticated monitoring solution for all of that technical architecture.

DGM Tech Solution’s Health Monitoring Solution

You need to know about problems before they happen. We can help. DGM Tech’s Monitoring Solution helps support retail brokers by monitoring your trading systems infrastructure health / performance and providing key alerts and insights into MetaTrader 4 & 5 issues.


System Health Monitoring

DGM Tech’s Monitoring Solution helps you with system health monitoring for your physical and virtual infrastructure — with features like:

  • Monitor CPU usage, temperature, and vitals while offering key insights into possible issues or improvements.
  • Alert you to any disk space issues based on minimum percentages and disk trends before they stall trading operations.
  • Give you actionable suggestions for disk space and cloud space maximization and performance.
  • Display charts and graphs that help you analyze usage and critical system health.
  • Check all files and processes for integrity and keep you up to date on any crucial issues or changes.

Software Monitoring

DGM Tech’s Monitoring Solution also acts as a Metatrader monitoring solution by connecting to your trading software stack through the MetaTrader Manager API — with features like:

  • Health check your Metatrader solution for any potential (or upcoming) issues.
  • Access to MetaTrader Server logs with instant notification on important events that may otherwise go unnoticed.

Ready to Take the Next Step?

Don’t let your system health disrupt your business. Stay on top of all issues, trends, and critical failures with the DGM Monitoring Solution. Trade better. Trade smarter. Always monitor.

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