Launching a retail brokerage firm, today, to serve traders in the huge and growing foreign exchange (Forex) market—or any of a host of other trading arenas—can be a lucrative business decision. Start-up costs that once included creating a custom trading platform, with its enormous software-development costs, now can mostly be avoided.

And so can the “learning curve” involved in installing, configuring, interconnecting, and troubleshooting a complete multi-asset trading system and training staff to manage it, respond to client issues, and augment the system as required.


MetaTrader State-of-the-Art Platforms

With today’s state-of-the-art trading platforms such as MetaTrader 4, an industry standard, and the extraordinary new MetaTrader 5, enormously versatile software is available for the new retail broker’s customer service, fundamental/technical research including 38 built-in indicators, order execution, and accounting challenges.


The Turn-Key Solution

DGM Tech Solutions can partner with you to plan your new retail brokerage firm and manage the entire installation and configuration of all systems and solutions you need to start and operate your Brokerage firm. This includes Trading Systems, CRM, Backoffice, Members Area, Emailing, Telephony, Liquidity Providers and more.


Fully Mobile Accessible

Your new all-in-one trading system is accessible and useable by customers using any mobile device anywhere in the world. A new generation of Forex traders, hedge-fund managers, and the range of other financial markets investors will grasp the rudiments of your offering quickly and use it intuitively. Implementing tried and tested solutions that have been successful for other brokers, such as advanced CRM / Backoffice solutions like Syntellicore, intuitive Members Area / Cabinet or the benchmark order matching engine from MetaQuotes – MetaTrader with dozens of tools for price analysis and trend following, chart analysis, sophisticated order configuration, and record access will keep your most knowledgeable and sophisticated traders satisfied.

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